Planetarium and Observatory


Planetarium is situated in the belfry, called also the Radziejowski’s Tower. It is equipped with Carl Zeiss machinery and projects on the dome (8 m in diameter) the images of the sky seen from any place on the Earth, any time of day or year. It depicts on artifical sky the course of the Sun, planets, comets, artifical satellites, and images of over 6000 stars.


Astronomical Observatory – around 1,5 km to the south-west from Frombork, on a hill reaching 47 m over the sea level (known as the Crane Mountain). It has at disposal pavillions with instruments for observing the sky – telescopes etc; observatory platform, and a building holding the studies, small library and the dark room. The observatory serves mostly to didactical purposes. In the summer it hosts the astronomy fans grouped by the educational action called Holidays in the planetarium.