Exhibition halls in the former Bishops’ Palace
Permanent exhibitions:  1. Frombork’s stained glass windows 2. Nicolaus Copernicus – life and work, 3. Astronomy in navigation and geodesy
Temporary exhibitions: Arts and crafts Prussia collection of Jerzy Wiśniewski, Artur Wasielewski, Edward Parzych, Zbigniew Jarocki, Dariusz Brzozowski.

Archival: 1.  Mors ianua vitae, 2. 770 years of Warmia Diocese. Witnesses: fides-ratio-ars; 3.  Fides-ratio-arts ,  4. Frombork in the monuments of material culture, 5.  N (modern) – a collection of art from the Collections of the Museum of Nicolaus Copernicus in Frombork

Belfry – magnificent place for viewing the landscape (70 m above sea level).
The Foucault’s Pendulum - the only instrument in Poland to observe the rotary motion of the earth.

Hospital of the Holy Ghost on Stara Street
Wall painting depicting the Last Judgement (beginning of the 15th century); baths stoves (15th century)
Exhibitions 1. Museum’s purchases for the division of medicine history, 2. Pharmaceutical Vessels of the 16th and 20th centuries, 3. Varmian sculpture and painting of 17th and 18th century , 4. Professional play with the body.